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Hi all. Welcome to the League of Insufferable Know It Alls LJ Community.
Just a few warnings to those of you who may not be familiar:
If you want to avoid the rath of the broom man, please check your time turners at the door. If the broom man is not available, you will be hit with cabbages if time travel comes up.
Beware the Badger, he is friendly, but I don't belive that he has been fed in a while.

New Insufferable Know It Alls are welcome, as are the old hands from the CoS Quidditch Pitch thread. Enjoy!
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This is great that you opened this. It's a bummer that the QP is closing all the chat threads. Oh well, I guess it's better for them.
Sigh. Well at least we can continue in a couple of venues. The WOW thread really had to go. So IKIA went with it.
It all started with Cream and Sugar. Before that I don't think there were any chat threads on the main boards. We were allowed to have it so we wouldn't talk about our kids and pets in the prophesy thread.

So, anyway, it's no secret that I like TNZ better, (hate lj) but since I'm here, can someone tell me how to start a new thread in here? :D